No Smoking Slogans 2024

- Last updated: 2024-03-05 20:03:21

Say bye to smoking, say hello to life.

Smoking is handshake with death.

Stop smoking if you love your family.

He who smokes is not your friend.

Quit Smoking and be a Hero.

Cigarette and smoke make your life a joke.

You smoke and I suffocate.

Smoking is a sign of weakness.

Smoking takes you on an asthmatic trip.

Today’s smoker, tomorrow’s ghost.

That vacant chair…belonged to the expired smoker.

A cigarette is your ticket to death.

Be smart…quit smoking.

 I used to live happily until I started smoking.

Smoking is Choking.

Smoking destroys you.

Cigarette: A devil in the packet.

His smoke is my enemy.

Love cigarette and become lonely.

Cigarette is the villain of your life.

He was smart until he started smoking.

He smoked, she both are lying in the graveyard.

Choose your family over a cigarette.

There are better hobbies than smoking.

 A smoker is giving up his today and tomorrow as well.

 Smoking is like match-fixing..match-fixing with death.

Smoking is a game, you always lose.

Smoking destroys not only you but your friends around also.

Smoking puts your life on fire.

Your lungs are not Chimneys- Stop smoking.

Stop smoking-there are better ways to fire up your life.

Let there be the light of wisdom and not of cigarette.

Smoking doesn’t make you cool.. quitting smoking does.

Destroy your smoking habit before it destroys you.

Take a pledge to make the world free of cigarettes.

I want to breathe freely… Discourage Passive Smoking.

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