Stop Smoking Slogan

If you can’t quit smoking, that means you don’t love yourself enough.

Quit smoking now or regret it later.

Stop smoking. Your life is precious.

A cigarette is a poison that kills you slowly.

Smoking is not a joke. It causes cancer when you smoke.

Don’t be a slove of tobacco.

Learn you enjoy without a cigarette.

There are many other ways to look cool.

Quit smoking. Save yourself for the people who love you.

Your life is a gift. Don’t waste it on smoking.

Don’t let tobacco kill you.

Cigarette burns our lungs. Stop smoking.

Smoking causes holes in your pocket.

Quit smoking because you love your child.

Smoking shortens your life.

Stop smoking and enjoy your life.

Quit smoking. Do it for your loved ones.

Quit it! One day you would be proud of yourself for this decision

Don’t let anyone fool you by teaching you to smoke.

One decision to quit smoking.

We say no smoking.

Let the air be pure. Stop smoking.

Enjoy an anti-smoking life.

Life is beautiful; don’t make it painful.

Don’t you realize the difference between the non-smoker you and the smoker you?

Learn to love yourself. Learn to live an anti-smoking life.

Quit smoking and start living.

Life is short. Don’t make it shorter by smoking.

Listen to your lungs that begging to quit smoking.

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