Fast Food Slogans 2024

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Jack in the Box Fast Food

Jack in the Box slogan

Eat it. Any time.

We don't make it until you order it.

Chick-fil-A Fast Food

Eat mor chikin.

Fatburger Fast Food

The last great hamburger stand.

Long John Silver's quick-service seafood restaurants

That's what I like.

We speak fish.

Yoshinoya Japanese fast food chain

Happiness is a bowl.


McDonald's slogan

I'm lovin' it.

The simpler the better.

The simple joy of McDonald's.

That's what makes McDonald's.

We love to see you smile.

Did somebody say McDonald's?

McDonald's makes your day.

Taco Bell  American fast food restaurants

Taco Bell slogan

Taco Bell. Live más.

Think outside the bun.

Del Taco American quick service restaurants

Go bold or go home.


Where the food's the star.

Hardee's. Come on home.

It's hot. It's Hardee's.

Carl's Jr. Fast Food

Carl's Jr. Fast Food slogan

Eat like you mean it.

Don't bother me, I'm eating.

Making people happy through food.

Subway chain of fast food restaurants

Subway slogan

Fresh is what we do.

Subway. Eat fresh.

The way a sandwich should be.

Sonic American drive-in fast-food restaurants

This is how you Sonic.

Service with the speed of sound.

Rally's and Checkers Drive-In Restaurants

Crazy good food.

Fast foodies know the deal.

Rally's. Feast on.

Checkers. Epic meals. Epic deals.

Hi-performance human fuel.

Bumpers Drive-In of America drive-in fast food

America's favorite foods.

A&W Restaurants

All American food.

Wimpy brand of fast food restaurants

Enjoy every moment.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen slogan

Fan food not fast food.

So good it's riDQulous.

Chuck E. Cheese's

Where a kid can be a kid.

Burger King hamburger fast food restaurants

Burger King slogan

Be your way.

Have it your way.

Fresh. Oh yes.

You're the boss.

Your way, right away.

The best food for fast times.

America loves burgers and we're America's Burger King.

Arby's quick-service sandwich chain

We have the meats.

It's good mood food.

I'm thinking Arby's.

Wendy's fast food chain

Wendy's slogan

Quality is our recipe.

Fresh food, made fast.

It's waaaay better than fast food. It's Wendy's.

Wendy's. That's right.

Where's the beef?

KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food restaurants

KFC slogan

It's finger lickin' good.

KFC. So good.

Life tastes better with KFC.

No one does chicken like KFC.

There's fast food. Then there's KFC.

Zaxby's fast casual restaurants offering chicken dishes

Indescribably good.

Chicken Express fast food restaurants

Our chicken can't fly, so we deliver.

Wienerschnitzel hot dog chain

World's most wanted wiener.

America's most wanted hotdog.

Harvey's Canadian burger chain

It's a beautiful thing.

Whataburger  American fast food restaurants

Just like you like it.

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches with delivery

Serious delivery.

Freaky fast. Freaky good.

You buy. We fly.

Hooters fast food restaurants

Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined.

Yum! Brands American fast food company

The world says Yum!

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