Antitobacco Slogans

Be smart, and don’t smoke.

It is harder to give than it is to start.

Don’t burn holes in your pockets with cigarettes.

Your lungs deserve better.

Why torture your lungs?

Save your lungs, save your life.

The rest of us have the right to breathe clean air.

Smoking is not something you should be joking about.

Do you know what is not cool? Smoking.

You are but a fool if you think smoking is cool.

Put it out, or it will put you out.

Tar is for the roads, not for your lungs.

Kick butts.

Say no to smoking.

Smoking does not make you hot.

Be scared of the smoke.

Be cool, not a smoking fool.

Smokers jokers.

Why would you deliberately put your lips on fire?

Don’t smoke, or you will end up broke.

If you want to burn something, try calories instead of cigarettes.

Stop torturing your body.

If you are a smart bloke, you won’t smoke.

Don’t spoil your life with cigarettes.

Why would anyone want to kiss a smoker or, better yet, lick an ashtray?

Life is beautiful; why smoke and destroy it?

A cigarette has two ends- on one end, the fire, and on the other end, an idiot.

Don’t be a fan of smoking.

Smoking will eventually kill.

Everyone who has smoked has regretted it later on.

Quit smoking, and be an example for those who look up to you.

Stop making excuses and quit the cigarette.

Smoking is your worst habit.

Don’t make smoking your tragic flaw.

Parents, quit smoking, and don’t encourage your children to take up a bad habit.

Smoking is worse than just a bad habit.

A child is more likely to smoke if raised by a smoker.

Detox your lungs.

Man is a fool if he thinks smoking makes him look cool.

Benefits of smoking- cancer of the lips and stomach.

Smoking doesn’t make you appear sophisticated.

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

You are better off if you quit smoking.

Quit puffing the hell fume.

Promise yourself a better future, and quit smoking.

Break a negative habit and adopt a better one.

Smoking is just another stylish way to cancer.

Smoking ages you.

Put your willpower to use, and stop with the cigarettes.

You smell better without the smoke.

Quitting cigarettes is liberating.

Liberate yourself from the claws of death and quit with the smoke.

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