Industrial Safety Slogans

Safety is not an accident.

Stop, think and only then act.

Leave a little sooner, drive a little slower, and live a little longer.

Health is, after all, your greatest wealth.

Always be aware.

Take care, and be aware.

A slip could lead to a hospital trip.

Never give safety a day off.

It doesn’t hurt to think of your safety.

Do not be a fool, always use a proper tool.

Your no. 1 intention – is accident prevention.

Make your safety your first priority.

If you think your safety is expensive, try getting into an accident.

Always check and then re-check.

It does not take much to double-check.

If you cannot think of your safety, think of those who care for your safety.

Work safely because somebody wants you back home.

Put on your gloves right now.

Life is precious.

Safety comes first.

One thing that you can ensure is your own safety.

Your safety is in your hands, even if your future is not.

Set an example; never be complacent around your work area.

Be mindful of the dangers.

Don’t get complacent.

Protect your hand, and wear your gloves.

It is cool to be safe.

Think safe, act safe.

Stay alert, don’t go and get hurt.

Talk is for later, do your job safely.

Safety first, business later.

Our goal is zero accidents.

Be aware of the safety rules and prevent accidents.

Industry safety rules!

Safety is a state of mind.

Safety begins with concentration.

Safety cannot be substituted,

There is no replacing safety.

Safety is for all, be it big or small.

Why be sorry when you can finish your job safely.

Work safely, or you will get hurt greatly.

Safety is your full-time priority.

Don’t gamble with your safety.

If you gamble with safety, you lose your life.

Safety has no timeout.

Be the safety hero.

Work towards zero accidents.

Wear your helmet.

If you want your head safe, pick up and wear that helmet.

Do forget to wear your helmet.

If you don’t protect your head, you will end up dead.

Safety is the tool of life.

Know safety, no pain.

Work safely, so you can go back home safely.

Here helmets are the fashion.

Use your brain and protect your head.

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