Eye Safety and Injury Prevention Slogans

Eyes are precious

Eye care, we care

Eyes are important

Girls and guys, protect your eyes

Better eyes for a better life

Accidents you can’t rewind, so be careful not to go blind

Use your eyes, don’t lose your eyes

Wear safety glasses, to prevent unwanted accidents

Without eyes, Life becomes dark

Be protected, Not sorry

Say EYE!

Stay safe, wear security glasses

Take care of your eyes

Good eyesight matters

Be safety wise, to protect your eyes

Better to be safe than sorry! Wear eye protection.

Better vision for an extraordinary life

Do what’s right, to protect your sight

Enhance Your Vision

Eyes are priceless, eye protection is cheap

Use them, don’t lose them

Imagine your existence without your eyes

Improve vision for an improved life

Keep calm & Wear goggles

Life without eyes isn’t simple

Love your eyes, take care of your eyes

Love your eyes, protect your eyes

Roses are red, sky is blue; oh my eyes, I love you

Safety minded is better than getting blinded

You can eat with fake teeth, but you can’t see with a glass eye

You only have two eyes, protect your vision

Your eye safety is in your hands

Your eyes are your most essential devices. Protect them!

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