Running and Jogging Slogans

Run like you stole something

It’s fun to run.

Rest a while and run a mile

Running a mile will be worthwhile.

Jog for joy

Run fast, run far

Heart & sole

When you run and jump, pounds you will dump

For good health’s sake, run, jump, and shake

Running every day, keeps obesity away

A short run is better than no run

Run like a bullet

Born to run

I don’t like Running, I love it

Chase me if you can

Eat Good, stay hydrated and Run Everyday

I may not be fast, but I have endurance

Explore the hidden runner inside you.

Running: Habit that will pay off

How far? Doesn’t matter

I suffer from O.C.R.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Running Disorder)

Keep Running, Keep Growing

Run, look fit, feel better

Every mile, will widen your smile

Run like you’re chasing a bullet

Run, sweat & win

Running is cheaper than therapy

Running once in a day, keeps you healthy everyday

Eat, sleep, run, repeat

Running is my Super Power

Running is the habit, winning is the result

Feel free, powerful and fearless

Today is a fantastic day to run

Burn fat on the track

© 2022 A Collection of Slogans and Taglines