Slogans On Accident Prevention

Have greed for normal speed to meet your need

Safety awareness can save lives

Never quit on safety

Safety on mind forever, for no accidents ever

Safety comes first always

Follow Rules stay Safe

Never ignore Safety

Follow safety advise, if you love your life

Stay sound to keep safe

Know Safety No accidents

CPR can save life, know it Today!

Don’t Rush, hurrying can be worrying

Your safety, our concern

Everyday is great day, live safely

Work Safely, to come to work again

Safety is Unforgettable.

No need of speed, life will lead

Our focus is Zero Harm

Right thing at right time

careful for your self is sensible

Love life, opt safety

Report what’s unsafe

Think Safety!

Never put your life on the line, Keep Safe

Danger waits for your single mistake

Safety rules are life Safety Tools

Danger never goes for holiday

Falling can fail when you prepare well

Fall Prevention be worthy of Your Attention.

First safety standards then production records

Great workplaces don’t risks its employees

Eliminate hazards keep Safe

Prepare and prevent accident

Focus on road, keeps away from road accident

Think about Safety

Build safety culture around you

Act smart, Avoid taking unnecessary risks

Safety is Free, utilize it

No project is critical than safety

Stay safe, live long

Practice safety first

Teach Safety! Precaution are always better

Bee alert to foresee dangers

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