Feminist Slogans

Diversity. Correspondence. Solidarity.

A Woman’s place is all over

I am a Feminist, what’s your Superpower?

Sexism Is Not A Side Issue

Better to be solid than lovely and pointless

I am consider and Afraid of nothing

Your body is a battleground

The wage hole exists.

Women can do whatever a man can improve

Weak men fear solid ladies

Women who look for correspondence with men need desire

Women can do and also men or shockingly better

Remember, nobody can make you feel subpar without your assent

You instruct a Women, you teach an age

Be whatever you can be, join the women’s activist armed force

Women are leaving men in residue

Heart of a lady can be broken yet never smash

The thing ladies still can’t seem to learn is no one gives you control. You simply take it

Women are beating men in all things

Women are not exclusively doing and in addition men, they are beating men

A lady needs a man like a fish needs a bike

Women conceive offspring without a man

If ladies didn’t exist, all the cash on the planet would have no importance

What part of NO don’t you get it?

I’m a women’s activist and I’m glad for it

Empowering a lady engages next ages

Embrace a lady with adoration, regard and instruction!

Women are nation’s destiny, let them be an awesome

As long as ladies are not free, the general population are not free

Feminism does not mean enemies of men, it means genius human

Ain’t no unrest without ladies

If you feel assaulted by feminism it’s most likely a counterassault

I am A Girl. I Am Smart And I Am Strong And I Can Do Anything

Girls Can’t What?!

It’s an ideal opportunity to place ladies in the U.S. constitution

Women Are Great, Learn To Appreciate

Woman Or Man, Can Do Anything The Other Can

Herstory could really compare to history

Out of the kitchen and into the White House!

Equal rights are not extraordinary rights

Women likewise have a decision

Fight for the privilege of ladies’ vote

Men of value don’t fear uniformity

A brutality free world for all ladies and young ladies

Give ladies rights or we’ll battle!

How long should ladies sit tight for balance

Equality, now is the ideal time

We have heart beat as well!! Give us our rights

Woman makes life … .yet at the same time without RIGHTS??

Empower the Women, Develop the Nation!

© 2022 A Collection of Slogans and Taglines