Suicide Prevention Slogans

God won’t let you in, If you suicide

The one that can make things better is you, yourself …get started 

You are your only hope…don’t lose it

When you got no reason to live …just make one, don’t die

Keep calm and stay alive

Choke your problems till it is gone…not your soul

Suicide is permanent problems are temporary

You are wrong if you think suicide is the answer

Friends, family, and loved ones are the solutions to suicide

Overcome the challenges and tell your story

You are part of the greater plan…don’t miss it

Life finds a way, Give it a chance

Be a reason in someone’s life when you have none left

Drink beer, forget suicide

The full stop to your glorious life is suicide

When thinking about suicide then think love

No quitting no suicide

The act of being a coward is to suicide

The world is worth living because you live in it

A good reason for not to suicide is you, yourself

One suicide takes a thousand life

Fight your problems, don’t pass them on, don’t suicide

Stop living your life thinking about how to end it

Your soul loves your body don’t part them

Suicide is a joke don’t take it seriously

Suicide is just a state of mind

The right answer to the wrong questions in your life is not suicide

Don’t die guilty, don’t suicide

God won’t let you in if you suicide

Your life is superior to suicide

Give your story a beautiful ending, not suicide

Have faith in yourself it’s more powerful than suicide

Stand alone and face the problems that make you brave

Thinking suicide think about your parents

Remove sadness by being happy, not by suicide

Don’t wait for signs God wants us to keep going

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