Anti Suicide Slogans

Kill your problems, not yourself

Life is precious, Value it.

Love life, Live life…stop suicide.

Don’t be selfish..face life.

Don’t is worth living.

Life is God’s gift, preserve it.

Stop suicide. Do not destroy what you can’t create.

Be brave…live and solve your problems.

It cannot end this way..

Suicide…you can’t do injustice to yourself.

Be a winner..choose life.

You are your can’t do this to yourself.

Life is beautiful…give it a chance.

Suicide doesn’t kill only one.

Suicide is a problem and not a solution.

It’s your life accept it, improve it…Don’t destroy it.

Suicide is the demon of society.

Life is like sunshine..absorb it..enjoy it.

Accept life… stop suicides.

Free our society from suicide.

Let’s talk and save lives.

Be your own guide…Stop suicide.

Come out of the darkness..into light..don’t be a loser…get up and fight…the problem of suicide.

life was given to you by someone have no right to take it away.

Respect yourself, respect your life…Never commit suicide.

Live more love more

Make the society stronger..stop suicides.

Suicides destroy our families, our societies, and our nation.

Don’t blame them after suicides, help them before.

Let’s come together and help each other fight suicides.

Prevent suicides and contribute towards making a better world.

Accept challenges of life like a fighter, don’t quite like a coward.

Be brave…don’t choose the Easier wrong of taking your life.

Life is a gift.. preserve it..cherish it.

Fools commit suicide, the smart ones find a solution.

Fight lives.

Let’s unite against suicides.

Small problems lead to the bigger problem of suicides.

Discuss and solve your problems before they put you in problems.

Kill stress before it kills you.

Harness love and happiness and not problems and suicides.

Stress is an invitation to suicide…Curb it.

Don’t kill yourself, it makes your family and loved ones sad and weak.

Throw your problems out of the window..not yourself.

Every problem has a solution and suicide is certainly one of them.

Prevent suicide and make a difference

Don’t allow your problems to haunt you to death…face them and find a solution.

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