First Aid Slogans

First aid first!

Be ready, be alert

First aid can save a life

Join he first aid squad

Keep calm and perform first aid

Learn first aid, save lives

First aid, best aid

Take time to learn first aid and CPR. Save lives

First aid is for everyone, everywhere

A helping hand becomes a saving hand

Your quick response can save a life

Your timely action can save a life

Be a hero in the crowd

Someone’s life maybe in your hands

Defeat death with first aid

Your awareness can save lives

This is your chance to be a Hero

A small effort goes a long way

Be a life saver. Get trained

Avoid a tragedy today

The gift of life is in your own hands

Lend your hand to save a life

Superheroes not always wear capes. Sometimes they give first aid

If the first aid goes right, everything goes right

Emergencies don’t come with a notice

Aid for the emergencies

Always prepared

Be the first help

First Aid saves lives

Become a life saver

Believe in the training

Empower yourself with proper training

Ensure yourself to be safe

Equip to tackle the threat

Every second counts. Learn first aid

Your knowledge can save a life

Know the aid

One life saved

Prepared for emergencies

Save a life first aid & CPR.

Get trained to beat the threat

Wash out the upcoming risks

Carry first aid box in your car, even if you are not going too far

Trouble comes when you delay, learn & give first aid right away

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