Cocktail Marketing Slogans and Taglines

Got some cocktails?

Keep Calm and Sip Cocktails

A Cocky Cocktaily Affair

You’d rather drink than worry!

Tis’ The Season Of Cocktail

Crazy Cocktail Shower!

Eat. Sleep. Cocktail. Repeat.

Drink your worries away!

Making your parties complete

The Clock’s Ticking! The Cock’sTailing!

Embrace the spirit

Blending your spirit with ours

Sip Of Ecstasy 

I’m a CA – Cocktail Available

High in no time

Time spent drinking is never a waste

Flavours of Ecstasy 

Why be happy only during happy hours

Little chilly, little sassy

Nothing hot here, everything chilled out

Chilling away to glory

Make the best Chill Scenes With Us

Be the new Cocktail Star!

Refreshed, Rejoiced, Rejuvenated!

Sparkle like never before

Get yourself a chilled one

Cocktails or nothing!

Cocktail is our forte

Have an edge with Cocktail

Nothing formal, everything personal ;D

Cocktail will make you kill your alarm

Get ready to get a hangover

Worried? Have a sip of Cocktail

Stressed? Have yourself a Cocktail

Your Dopamine partner

Seratonin maximized

No more dopamine voids

What’s happiness without Cocktail?

Your new Dopamine Overdose

Feel good Factor? Cocktail

Cocktail – The new X Factor

Better than your partner

A Cocktail when you need a friend

Could you have imagined a better sleep buddy?

Ecstasy Objectified!

Beyond all material pleasures

Taste of Heaven and a little bit of hell

A little tipsy, a little flipsy

Blending things the right way

Blend for the Gods

You’re not a Rockstar if you haven’t sipped Cocktail

The perfect blend for the edgy

Cool, Calm, Cocktailed!

Walk away with increased BAC!

Drink heartily but maintaining your limits

You can’t resist that fizz

Shaken And Stirred

A Blender’s Favorite

Fizz it up baby!

You will experience a rollercoaster with Cocktail

Doing things the Cocktail way

Cocktail – The new talk of the town

Cocktail will replace your lover

Cocktail – Your new special someone

Crazy high-spirited drinks

A drink for you!

Get a little high when you’re feeling low

Get intoxicated with us

Intoxicated the best way!

Booze Booze Booze

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