Bottled Water Brand Marketing Slogans

The purest form of carbonated water.

The one true elixir.

Uplift your spirit.

Dare to go the extra mile.

Boost your energy the natural way.

Refill your energy.

Maximum output.

Simply splendid.

Perfect from every angle.

Crystal clear bottled water.

When the weather gets hotter, take out the best bottled water.

Replenish your soul.

Made for the premium class.

Made for the common man.

Wipe out the thirst within.

Fitness guaranteed.

Keep yourself fit and fine.

Get drunk on natural elixir.

What nature can do to you.

Packaged drinking water of the highest quality.

Your need to treat water right.

Drink fresh. Stay fresh.

Be on top of your game.

Bottles made of reusable plastic.

Keeping the environment as good as ever.

Nature and you.

We understand our responsibility.

What runs your engine.

Your glowing secret.

A glass of this keeps you running for hours.

Fit and active.

Switch on the beast within.

The zestful workaholic.

The life runner.

Source of all life.

By your side.

A bottled beauty of nature.

Refreshment starts here.

The DNA of living it healthy.

Precious by design.

Drinking up the right minerals.

When each drop counts, count on it.

A bottled gift of nature.

Make a wise choice.

The seal of purity.

Mark of trust.

Your life saver.

Respect each drop of it.

Imagine a day without it.

Can’t live without it.

The miracle liquid.

Miracle of nature.

Be back up with a bang.

Full of zest.

A dash of energy.

Taste of refreshment.

Fresh as a daisy.

Magically refreshing.

Like being on a mountain.

Fresh from a  fountain.

Own the magic within.

The spring of eternal youth.

With the might of a thousand springs.

Brilliantly crystal clear.

The water that builds your muscles.

The smart move.

Wilderness enamored.

Filled for you.

Max out your nourishment.

Make the very best of the moment.

Water that pushes you higher.

Grab your freedom.

The future of pure and clear water.

Eco friendly packaging.

If exotic was a kind of water, this would be it.

Live life king size.

Revitalize your soul.

Water that builds matter.

When ordinary isn’t enough.

Perfect for your mind, body and soul.

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