Motivational Women Rights Slogans

Awareness should be there

Your respect is in your hands 

Feel free and safe 

Respect yourself 

Equality and dignity of women 

Women empowerment and women’s rights 

Don’t let others disrespect 

Equality should exist 

Unity and integrity should exist 

Women let other women down 

Don’t demotivate any women 

Aware of your rights 

Right to vote 

Right to educate 

Right to movement

Right to equal pay for equal work 

Freedom of speech and expression 

Freedom comes with certain restriction 

Reasonable restriction can be imposed 

No freedom is absolute 

Freedoms are mutually exclusive 

Freedom doesn’t come in a vacuum 

You should know your rights 

Right to livelihood 

Right to born 

Right to life with personal liberty 

Don’t hesitate just be the best 

Live your life according to your wish 

Don’t sacrifice for others 

Achieve what you want 

You have a right to fulfil your aim 

You have a right to see dream 

Your dream will also come true 

Live your passion 

It’s your life, you have to choose 

Prioritize yourself 

Remove negative people from your life

Be positive, be creative 

Learn together, grow together 

Fight for your rights 

Don’t misuse your rights 

Stereotypes mindset throw the words 

Don’t get affected by the words of toys 

The woman is a gift of god 

Without the development of women, countries’ development is not possible 

Work with all your heart 

Succeed in every field 

Equality should exist in every field 

Don’t discourage any women 

Don’t demotivate your women 

Educate yourself about the rights 

Women’s rights are a range of social movements, 

Fought for your Civil rights 

Know your political rights 

You have a right to stand in elections 

You have a right to choose your partner 

Women have a right to take their own decision 

Don’t be scared, just be aware 

Grab the opportunity

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