Taglines About Violence

Stand against violence, it’s a stand for humanity

Insanity leads to inhumanity resulting in violence

Stay peaceful to Make A Difference 

Violence is not the solution to any problem

Nonviolence leads to glory in life

Peace makes way to happiness

Violence is a symbol of weakness

Violence is a dark blot on humanity

Non-Violence Is Life-saving

Nonviolence Is Prevention

There’s No Explanation For Violence

No justification can be pro-violence

A fight is chosen by insensible people, smart ones prefer conversation

Run your brain not swords

Violence done by you is your depiction of yourself

Violence Is the most Insane act of human

Violence Prevention is necessary

We are the future, let’s learn to be peaceful

Support non-violence, support life!

Make peace with violence

Violence is good to see in action movies

It is an unending war, choose peace

Just believe in non-violence

Be positive, conversation can solve any and every problem

Power to the non-violent

With respect to the non-violent

Ask, listen and get along

Talk it out, don’t fight out about it

Learn to accept, respect yields respect

Peace is the cure to damage by violence

Pass on peace to end up violence

Stop the violence to live and let live happily!

Outcast violent, to make for peace

Keep the peace 

Fight against violence

Keep strong against violence

Prevent violence, stop wrong

Peace can spread peace, isn’t it enough

Spread love and live peacefully

Love is the body, peace is the soul

Nonviolence is contagious, just approach for it

Non-violence always wins over violence

Violence gives birth to hatred

Violence complicates and spread hates

Spread love to get a solution

Peace, life, love

Violence kills respect and love

Violence is never the answer

Live with Peace to spread love and harmony

Got Peace? Keep working against violence

When in doubt, chill out

Take space make peace

Think wisely, communicate strongly and act peacefully

Where is peace? Find it within

Don’t be rude, be kind

© 2022 A Collection of Slogans and Taglines