Floor Cleaner Brand Marketing Slogans 2024

- Last updated: 2022-05-22 22:15:50

Don’t be Mean, Keep the floor clean.

Keeps the germs away.

Kills 100% germs.

Medically recommended as one of the best.

A spick and span companion for your floor.

Helps keep the floor away from bacteria.

A clinically better choice.

It kills germs effectively.

One of the best cleaners.

Washes away the stains.

Removes dust in seconds.

Every floor’s best friend.

With us, bacteria stands no chance.

Once, for cleaning and twice for shining.

Tiles shine brighter than lights.

Makes floor even more attractive.

Cleans and Kills the bacteria.

Helps in keeping the floors shining.

Leaves a fragrant smell unlike your perfumes.

One drop is enough for a room.

Broom and wipe all with us.

Cleaning made even more simpler.

It’s only now you realize that you have chosen the best.

Mop, mop, because this cleaner isn’t a flop.

Leaves no dirt behind unlike your bike.

Cleans even more smoothly.

Raises your standard of cleanliness.

Cleanliness and Meaningless never went hand in hand.

To keep germs away use twice daily.

Animal and Human friendly.

Fragrant so that you keep falling for it, but not just on the floor.

You want one, but you will take two.

Kills germs at the speed of a super machine.

Now made even more affordable for the untidy ones.

Your mop’s new best friend.

Dissolves in a jiffy for quick results.

Now nobody can save those germs.

 Will swipe you off your feet.

Loved by the nurses and wives.

One drop on the floor, and its already shining!

Helps to shine, but don’t consume it.

The more cleaner, the less meaner.

We serve tested products.

Used on the floor you are standing.

It’s time to shine.

Your cleanliness matters.

Hygiene has always been our priority.

Your safety in our hands.

Leaves no dust unattended.

The only cleaner you will be recommending around.  

Your bacteria’s worst nightmare.

Rinse, Scrub ,Apply Repeat!

Disinfects faster than the usual cleaners.

It’s Dirt-free, Duty Free!

Turns your floor into an artwork.

You will start loving cleaning your floors.

Makes you fall for the floor.

Fall in love with your floor all over again.

Helps remove old stains.

Now say goodbye to unnecessary scrubbing.

Cleans, Protects and Disinfects!

Is soft on your hands and heart too!

You can never get enough of it.

Cleanliness depends from person to person.

Leaves a lasting impression on your floor and you.

Makes your hall have the grandest look you can imagine.

You might confuse it with your shampoo.

Sparkling floors just like your champagne!

Well-kept, just like your hair!

Neat as a button.

Taintless, Stainless and Affordable!

Keeps the floor as white as vanilla.

Will make people stare at your floor.

Purely for hygiene purposes.

Safe even at Home.

Safe anywhere.

Just one use and you are already buying another.

Makes cleaning sound easy.

Keeping the floors clean never did anyone harm.

You can still check if it matches your standards.

Approved as one of the best disinfectants.

Globally hated by germs.

Loved by cleaners.

Beautiful Interiors, Superior Living!

Helps the family stay safe.

Causes no harms to babies.

Safe formulas for easy cleaning.

Environment friendly to the core.

Eco-friendly and human friendly too.

Processed in the most organic way possible.

Clinically proven to go tough on stained floors.

Helps you raise your standards.

Choosing us, you choose a cleaner life.

Help us build a cleaner world.

Let’s make this about cleanliness.

Time and again proven to be the best.

Buy this, and thank yourself.

Germs killed in one wash.

Make some room for hygiene.

If staying clean was just that simple.

Buy it to use it.

Experience a healthier lifestyle.

Staying clean made affordable.

Why compromise with hygiene?

A little awareness, helped buy the best cleaner!

You can get it on floor.

Will keep your gown safe when you drag it across the room.

More power to a cleaner home for you!

Don’t stop till you use a drop.

Helps clean the toughest stain.

Removes paint stains and scribbling too.

Who knew you will be choosing the right cleaner?

Stay tidy and love the new clean floor.

The cleaner you keep your home, the more you stay away from disease.

A cleaner room helps in a cleaner environment.

Help in contributing for a cleaner place and space to live.

Who likes to sit on a dirty floor?

Cleanliness is the secret to live longer.

Trusted by sages from the Alps.

Life’s better and safe with us.

Choosing us makes you wise.

Keeping your floor clean is now easily done.

Trusted by millions worldwide.

A cleaner floor is always preferable.

Shine. Tidy. Neat.

Wouldn’t  you like to stand on a cleaner floor?

Wake Up. Clean. Slay.

Notice the germs, they won’t stay the same anymore.

It’s easier to stay clean than to stay sick.

Drive those flies away, just by using one drop!

Well, wasn’t this you were looking for at the first place?

Less Price, Best Service!

Guarantee of no germs coming your way.

Life is simpler when cleaner.

The stain is tough if you aren’t rough enough.

Be responsible, stay clean!

It’s more likely for you to buy this.

Never compromise with cleanliness.

Even the germs couldn’t disagree from this being the best.

Takes one decision to prove your wisdom.

Choose cleanliness, choose us.

Help drive the unnecessary dirt away!

Cleaning now barely takes more than five minutes.

Try upgrading to a better, cleaner life.

Look for germs in the tiniest corners.

Apply. Re-apply, till it’s shining like you.

Here to impress.

The floor cleaning experience with a difference.

Made to give a lasting impact.

Shine on for years.

The brand you can rely on.

Here to give you a valuable service.

No looking back to the dirt anymore.

A cleaner, fresher floor for you.

Keep it simple and easy.

Cleaning the floors is not tough anymore.

Better than the best products.

The floor cleaner with a quality that shines through it all.

Count on it and shine bright.

A faster and easier process.

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