Dry Cleaning Slogans and Taglines

Let us put you in intensive care.

Expert care for the most special dress you will ever own.

Relax… We have your dry cleaning covered.

We make an art out of dry cleaning.

Clean clothes at your doorstep.

Your choice quality comfort.

Take a fresh step into (Company Name)

Sensitive material takes sensitive handling.

Clothes are happier at (company Name)

Making you feel your best! Rain or Shine!

When your clothes need to stand on their own.

Let me meet your needs.

You leave it we clean it!

Your Panes are Our Pleasure

Giving you time back for the important things!

Dry cleaning means cleaner than clean!

Let Us Hurt Your Dirt

Clean laundry, peace of mind!

It’s like getting a refund on your time.

Stay in the pink! Don’t stink!

It’s just too convenient not to!

We have your missing socks.

Don’t swing by the dry cleaner. Let us swing by you!

Drop your pants here.

A tradition of quality cleaning.

We Love the Jobs You Hate

A cleaner greener wardrobe speaks volumes.

Fresh, ironed and smelling of cotton.

Feel good about how you look.

That you & your clothes will love.

On your mark, get set, clothes!

Simplifying Home and Life

A happy relief – EVERY laundry day.

Where you take your clothes?

Tap. Clean. Deliver.

Keeping you clean one shirt at a time.

The clean you expect.

Green and organic dry cleaning.

Smell me, I’m clean.

Don’t go around stinking with your clothes all a shrinken.

If your clothes aren’t becoming to you… You should be coming to us.

Drop your pants here and you will receive prompt attention

The Clean Team – Leave Your Troubles with Us!

Because, cleaning the clothes you wear, shouldn’t wear you out.

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