Anti-Drug Slogans

Sometimes, saying no is okay!

Refusing could be a great choice.

Throw it away, before it throws you out!

Here, kicking it out is needed!

It’s a death trap, be careful!

Using drugs? That’s just a bad idea!

Not just for me, but for all.

Life is precious, don’t waste it.

Being high is pleasure, but living life without drugs is next-level fun!

Be high on your life goals, not on drugs!

Ever climbed a mountain top? Climb it over, it’s more than climbing over drugs!

Say no to drugs, it makes you fall sick!

Drugs are nothing, life can take you higher.

Don’t let drugs get in the way of your dream.

Don’t drug your dreams down.

Be clever, don’t drug!

Drugs are no treat, beware it may trick you.

Don’t turn your life to misery, with life on ecstasy.

Coke life can blow you off!

The pill can be a thrill, don’t fall for it, it will kill!

Don’t be influenced, rise above it!

Don’t fall for the death trap, it will make you sick!

Drugs will kill you slow and steady

Stop scoring hash, you will have more cash

Be a slam dunk, just say no to drugs!

Don’t make smoke weed, don’t let your heart bleed!

Staying off drugs is easy, better to get it off!

There is no success with drugs

Don’t be a slave to drugs

Addiction is easy, but getting it off is tough!

Being a slave to chemicals is a pain, try being a slave to your beautiful life!

Never, the drug is, was never an answer!

Drug ends all dreams, which simply means DEAD.

Spend time on being productive, not on drugs!

Just run away from the first smoke itself!

© 2022 A Collection of Slogans and Taglines