Abstinence Campaign Slogans

Be hot. It doesn’t mean you must have sex.

Be savvy and sex free, at that point you won’t finish up with HIV.

Children shouldn’t bring up youngsters.

Choose your future, pick restraint.

Condoms don’t ensure the heart.

Don’t mistake sex for adoration.

Don’t complete a thing without that ring!

Don’t want to consolidate… except if you’re stating I do.

Don’t go thumping around, or a child may open the entryway.

Don’t jump into bed, until you are married.

First locate THE ONE, at that point have some good times.

Flies spread illness so keep yours zipped.

Have sense or face the outcomes.

I tarry with regards to sex.

If you are hit by Cupid, don’t accomplish something dumb.

I’m provocative enough to keep you pausing.

It’s my decision to go without. It’s a sound decision.

Listen to mama about sexual intercourse, that way you won’t get STDs.

One night of joy doesn’t add up to a lifetime of agony. – STDs.

Sex can pause, set a date!

True love pauses.

Virgin. Show your child it is anything but a filthy word.

Wait for the bling.

We hung tight for one another.

Endless possibilities with Abstinence.

Way to go, Abstinence!

It’s your Abstinence!

Pride of the Abstinence For Over a Hundred Years.

Just Do Abstinence.

The Abstinence of Confidence.

My Abstinence, your Abstinence, Abstinence for all!

Dude, You’re Getting an Abstinence!

Food or Abstinence? I’ll have an Abstinence.

Abstinence can be testing, however, it has its favorable circumstances.

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