Billiard Slogans and Taglines

Knowing how ignorant one happens to be genuine knowledge.

Knowledge does not mean getting information.

Make sure to search, and you will find.

A competent instructor will be listening and learning.

You will get the best interest by investing in knowledge.

Advice is not needed by wise individuals. Fools will not accept it.

You are finished once you finish changing.

Individuals who are not capable of playing will be teaching.

My sweetheart is my hobby, while the pool is my life.

Although life is not a bed of roses, keep going even if you are experiencing hell.

What you do is more important than what you speak.

Life is short; enjoy yourself while you can.

Taxes and demise are the only stuff certain in life.

Never use the cover for judging a book.

It will be best, to be honest.

Things are always not better on the other side of the river.

One rotten apple will be enough to spoil the bunch. 

Make use of every opportunity that comes your way.

In case you love your job, you will never be tired of doing it.

90% of the game is mental; the rest is physical.

Don’t think much; else, you will struggle with Analysis Paralysis.

Experience teaches you to make good decisions. Bad decisions lead to experience.

Instead of creating a character, sports is going to reveal it.

It will not be over until it is over.

Your game goes bust sans trust.

Believe in yourself for succeeding.

Getting started is the key to getting ahead.

Don’t allow history to repeat itself; don’t live in the past. 

A significant difference can be made by a small thing like attitude.

You can’t try anything new without committing an error.

Try again if you fail to succeed. Never quit.

In case you work harder, you will find it tougher to surrender. 

Perfect practice makes a man perfect.

I become luckier by practicing more. 

90% of success comes from perspiration; the rest is perspiration.

Nothing can grow sans hard work.

You are getting ready to fail by failing to get ready.

Repeating the same thing and hoping for different outcomes implies insanity.

While professionals go on practicing a shot till they won’t miss it, amateurs practice until they make it.

The only one will be perfect amongst several shots.

You look after those who are simple; the tough ones will look after themselves.

You need to find a shot that is always there.

It is good to be fortunate than good. 

Every easy shot should be made, and every shot should be made easy. 

It is good to be ignorant.

Try not to overthink stuff.

Never get fancy, and accept what is offered.

Make everything simple, although not simpler.

Never poke it, but stroke it.

You can’t aim straight unless you strike straight.

Never prove yourself to be a jerk while transitioning to the forward stroke from backstroke.

Allow your cue to get the job done.

Although everybody wants to win, wanting to prepare for winning actually matters.

Unfortunately, winning as well as losing is a habit.

Win easily by preventing the other guy from shooting.

Enjoying while winning is easier.

You will be a valiant loser if you know how to win.

While it implies everything, play as though it implies nothing.

It will be better to be an exulting winner rather than a weeping loser.

Play your game just like a champion.

I am a pool player who is a genius.

Pool payers love to play with balls.

Refuse to give up.

Winning while playing pool is a matter of luck.

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