Vitamin Advertising Slogans

Centrum Multivitamins brand

Advertising slogan: Centrum. Always Complete. From A to Zinc.

Yikes! The original Multi-Vitamin Freeze Pops for kids

Ad slogan: Yikes! The COOLEST way to take your vitamins!

Vitaball Vitamin Gumballs

Ad slogan: Vitaball. A Whole New Way to Take Your Vitamins.

Viactiv Calcium and Multi-Vitamin Chews

Viactiv, the nutrition women want!

Active Nutrition for Women by Women

Be sweet to your bones ( Calcium Chews )

Multibionta, probiotic multivitamin brand

Advertising slogan: Multibionta puts back what life takes out

Berocca brand, B vitamins plus other essential nutrients

Berocca. For hectic lifestyles - stay sharp.

Fire on all cylinders. All day.

Berocca gives you back your B-B-Bounce ( Australian campaign )

Shaklee brand

Advertising slogan: Shaklee. Creating Healthier Lives

One-A-Day vitamins & minerals, brand of Bayer

The multivitamin with more for your health

A better tomorrow starts with Today ( One-A-Day Today )

Just what you need to feel your best.

Sundown brand

Sundown. Dedicated To Your Good Health

Keep your life in balance with Sundown

Humetta, soluble vitamin tablets, Hungary

Marketing slogan: Humetta. Investment in health.

Met-Rx Sports Nutrition brand, USA

Advertising slogan: Met-Rx. Bigger. Better. Stronger.

Osteo Bi-Flex, dietary supplement for healthy joints

Motto: Osteo Bi-Flex. Put Some Life Back In Your Joints

Flintstones children's vitamins

Slogan: We are Flintstones kids, ten million strong and growing!

Caltrate, calcium tablets, Canada

It's never too early or too late for Caltrate

It's Never Too Late for Caltrate

Doppelherz, Vitamin E supplement

Advertising slogan: Doppelherz. The power of the two hearts.

A vitamin is an organic molecule that is an essential micronutrient which an organism needs in small quantities for the proper functioning of its metabolism.

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