Yogurt advertising slogans

Onken yogurts and mousses
Onken yogurts and mousses slogan

Advertising slogan: Onken. Feel good.

Danone / Danacol, low fat drinking yoghurt

Motto: Danacol. Cholesterol hates it. You'll love it.

Benecol yogurt drink

Tagline: Benecol. Keep cholesterol at bay.

Danone / Actimel probiotic yogurt drink

A little every day goes a long, long way.

The Actimel challenge. Give it a go.

Danone / Activia, yogurt with probiotic culture

Marketing slogan: Activia. Actively good.

Muller yogurts

Advertising slogan: Lead a Muller life.

Breyers yogurt brand

Slogan: Breyers. Tastes so good… Still good for you.

Yoplait / Yop drinking yogurt

Yop. For when the morning comes.

Yop. Skip & jump.

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