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Soup slogans

Progresso canned soups
Progresso canned soups slogan

Loaded with vegetables. Packed with taste.

Make it Progresso. or make it yourself.

What a light soup should be.

Progresso. A taste of the good life!

Wherever you are, a taste of the good life.

Discover the better taste of Progresso.

Campbell's Chunky soup
Campbell's slogan

It fills you up right.

Spread the warmth.

Fill up on the good stuff.

Soup that eats like a meal.

Campbell's soup

M'm! M'm! Good!

It's amazing what soup can do!

So many, many reasons it's so... M'm! M'm! Good!

Campbell's. Possibilities.

Make it Campbell's instead.

Never underestimate the power of soup!

Soup is good food.

Campbell's Select Harvest soups

Real ingredients. Real taste.

Campbell's Select soups

Why settle when you can Select?

Campbell's Condensed soups

You get more out of Campbell's.

Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup

It's got the goods.

Campbell's Cup Soup

For people who want more.

Campbell's V8 soups

An idea so fresh, it's uncanny.

Swanson broth

The secret is Swanson Broth.

Replace water with flavor.

Boulder Soup Works, brand of organic pre-packaged soups

Soup to live by.

Glorious, brand of fresh, chilled soups and sauces

Glorious. Adventure through food.

Rosella, Australian soup brand
Rosella slogan

Rosella. Just heat & eat.

Continental Chicken Noodle simmer soup

The best soup comes from the best ingredients.

Continental Cup a Soup

Anywhere, anytime.

Continental Cup a Soup Sensations, range of soups in sachets

Let the flavour seduce you.

Maggi soups

With a soup, you are always at home.

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