Milk Brands Advertising Slogans

Cravendale milk brand
cravendale milk slogan

Cravendale. Milk matters.

Cravendale. The cows want it back.

Robert Wiseman Dairies / The One milk

Advertising slogan: All the taste. Only 1% fat.

Silk Soymilk

Advertising slogan: Silk. Beyond nutrition.

Devondale milk, Australia

Tagline: Devondale. Tastes like real milk because it is.

PureHarvest brand (soy, rice, oat, dairy milk), Australia

Marketing slogan: Pure by Name. Pure by Nature.

Vitasoy brand, soy milk and soy beverages

Advertising slogan: Vitasoy. Enjoy Your Health.

Alba Dry Milk

Motto: Skim milk does not come from skinny cows.

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