Cheese Brand Slogans

Panda cheese

Never say no to Panda.

Sargento cheese
Sargento cheese slogan

Sargento. We're real cheese people.

Taste the real difference.

Just say cheese.

Persnickety people. Exceptional cheese.

Our family's passion is cheese.

The persnickety cheese people.

Sargento Tastings cheese

Perfectly paired with everyday.

Mini Babybel snacking cheese

Mini Babybel. It's kids' stuff.

100% natural. 100% fun!

Snack a little bigger.

Real cheese, only smaller.

Cathedral City cheeses

Cathedral City. The nation's favourite.

You see it. You want it.

Leerdammer, Dutch cheese

Leerdammer. Put pleasure first.

Try Leerdammer, love Leerdammer.

Not as mild as you might think.

Philadelphia cream cheese

Only Philadelphia.

Love life, it's delicious.

Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese

Spread a little Philly.

A little taste of heaven.

Butter your bread with Philly Light instead.

Philadelphia Spreadable cream cheese

Philly Spreadable. Heavenly.

The Laughing Cow, spreadable cheese wedges

The Laughing Cow. Reinvent snacking.

Made with laughter.

Have you laughed today?

The Laughing Cow Creamy Light Swiss, spreadable cheese

Live to laugh.

Athenos feta cheese

Athenos. Made the Greek way.

Approved by Yiayia.

Athenos makes the salad.

Arla Apetina feta cheese

Ever so clever cubes.

Because feta can be so much better.

Black River cheese

Taste real cheese!

EasiSingles cheese

EasiSingles. Goodness made easy.

Lifetime cheese

Come join our herd!

Grandma Singletons cheese

Made grandma's way.

Tre Stelle cheese brand

Make it right with Tre Stelle!

Saputo cheese brand in Canada

Saputo. Authentic Italian cheese maker since 1954.

Loleta Cheese Factory

Cheese... The way Mother Earth intended it to be.

Cracker Barrel, cheddar cheese

Deliciously different cheddar.

Cracker Barrel. Cheddar, perfected.

Kraft cheese

Kraft cheese. Make something amazing.

For moms who give 100%.

Kraft Singles processed cheese

For growing bodies. And smiling faces.

Have a happy sandwich.

Milk makes Kraft Singles taste better.

More milk makes 'em good.

Kraft American Singles process cheese slices

Good food to grow up on.

You put us on top, America.

Kraft Singles Fat Free cheese slices

Flavor like that, without the fat.

Kraft Velveeta process cheese

Unleash the cheese.

There's no single cheese like Velveeta.

Kraft Three Cheese Pizza shredded blend

It's perfect for pizza.

Kraft Tex Mex shredded cheese

Make meals legendary.

Kraft Romano grated cheese

The Italian-style seasoning cheese.

Kraft Parmesan grated cheese

100% great parmesan taste.

So many other pastabilities.

Kraft Sharp Cheddar shredded cheese

All the taste. All the time.

American Dairy Association / advertising of cheeses

Cheese adds a slice of life.

British Cheese Board / cheese advertising in England

Anyway you please it, cheese it.

Don't be without it.

Real California cheese

Great cheese comes from happy cows. Happy cows come from California.

Grafton Village Cheese

Handmade in Vermont.

Joseph Farms cheese

Joseph Farms. California natural cheese.

Only real good stuff inside!

Spring Hill Jersey cheese

All natural. Local. Quality. Delicious.

Boar's Head cheese brand

Boar's Head has cheese. Pass it on.

Vermont Creamery, cow and goat cheese

Artisan cheeses from farm to table.

Pilgrims Choice, cheddar cheese brand in England

Pilgrims Choice. Well chosen.

Good choice pilgrim.

When you're choosing cheddar, make it Pilgrims Choice.

Wyke Farms cheese

Wyke Farms. Made from nature by nature.

Over 100 years of family farming.

Somerset farming since 1902.

Mature by nature.

Leskol cheese brand

Love cheddar? You'll love Leskol.

Primula, brand of spreadable cheese in tubes

Love Primula. Anywhere, anytime, anybody.

Perfect for sharing.

The only cheese you can squeeze.

Charleville cheese brand in Ireland

Charleville. Ireland's favourite cheese.

For the love of cheese.

Charleville, the home of Irish cheddar.

Avonmore cheese

None of your fancy stuff.

Dubliner, Irish cheese

Dubliner. The secret's in the taste!

Character in every bite.

Kilmeaden, Irish cheese

Kilmeaden. The fillet of cheddar.

McLelland Seriously Strong cheddar, Scottish cheese

More than just strong. Seriously.

It's all about the taste.

Galloway cheese brand

The family's favourite Scottish cheddar.

Davidstow cheddar cheese

Davidstow. Cheddar from Cornwall.

Dairylea processed cheese products

Herds of Dairylea goodness.

Dairylea. A good source of calcium.

Dairylea Dunkers product

Toy with them, then destroy them.

Dairylea Strip Cheese

Handy for little fingers.

BelGioioso cheese

BelGioioso. Quality never stops.

Classic Italian cheese made in the USA.

Cabot cheddar cheese

Cabot. World's best cheddar.

Saxon Creamery cheese

Flavor, by nature.

Cheestrings cheese snacks

A glass of milk in every one.

The No.1 cheese snack in the land.

Stringy cheese not mingy cheese.

Melrose Cheestrings, cheese snack for kids

Real cheese. Real fun.

Shepherds Purse, artisan Yorkshire cheeses

Champion cheese producers since 1989.

Galbani, mozzarella cheese

Galbani. Italy's favorite cheese brand.

Masters of Italian.

The choice of Italy for cheese.

Masters in the art of good cheesemaking.

Galbani Dolcelatte creamy blue cheese

Mild, creamy, Italian blue cheese.

Frico, brand of Dutch cheeses

Unique conditions make unique cheeses.

Frico. Masters of Dutch cheese.

Passion for cheese.

Boursin, French cheese

Bread, Boursin, all is well.

Bread, wine, Boursin.

Port Salut, French cheese

The smooth taste of France.

Le Rustique, French cheese

A great French camembert for all occasions.

Reny Picot cheese

A rich tradition of gourmet cheeses.

Soignon, French goat cheese

French for goats cheese.

Alpenhain, cheese and cheese products in Germany

We make the most out of cheese.

Jarlsberg cheese from Norway

Jarlsberg. Yours to share.

Only Jarlsberg is Jarlsberg.

Jarlsberg make it special.

Jarlsberg Lite low-fat cheese

You've got to taste it to believe it.

President cheese

Perfectly paired with life.

President Brie cheese

Leave your friends speechless.

President Emmental cheese

Irresistibly sweet & nutty.

Karicka cream cheese in Slovakia

Karicka! The mother's best!

Brewster cheese

Make it Swiss!

Le Gruyere, Swiss cheese

Le Gruyere. Born in Switzerland in 1115.

No holes, just taste!

Kaltbach Le Gruyere, cheese from Switzerland

Maturity that melts in your mouth.

Rosenborg, Danish blue cheese

Rich, smooth and distinctive.

Britain's favourite blue cheese brand.

Butlers Blacksticks Blue cheese

A taste of the unexpected.

King Island Dairy, cheese brand in Australia

No ordinary island. No ordinary cheese.

Coon cheese in Australia

Coon. Australia's tastiest cheese.

The choice of COONoisseurs.

Bega cheese

Bega. Real town. Real cheese.

Better buy Bega.

Mainland cheese

Mainland. Good things take time.

Perfect Italiano cheese brand

So simple. It's perfect.

Devondale cut cheese slices

Devondale. One thing families agree on.

Easy peel cheese slices.

Puck cream cheese

The mild taste of pure nature.

County Line cheese

County Line. Only real cheese.

Amul cheeses

Eat milk with every meal.

Amul Cheese Slices

Amul slice. Fully nice.

Amul Pizza cheese

Melts your heart... Melts in your mouth.

Amul processed cheese

Amul cheese. Yes please!

Amul Emmental cheese

Fine cheese, for your finest occasions.

Amul Gouda cheese

Go Dutch with Amul.

Cypress Grove Chevre / Lamb Chopper sheep cheese

Born to be mild.

Bladen cheese, specially created for caterers

Bladen. Made for caterers.

WisPride spreadable cheese

WisPride. Most spreadable ever!

Made with aged cheddar and a lot of pride.

Merkts cheese spreads

You're a Merkts man.

Owl's Nest spreadable cheese

Easy to spread, impossible to resist.

Chesdale cheese

Real cheese taste for real cheese lovers.

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