Fruits and Vegetables Slogans

an apple a day, keeps the doctor away

Give a hoot eat veggies and fruit

Fruits and vegetables lots of selectables

Fruits and vegetables the best edibles

No need to dispute, Eat veggies and Fruit

Eat healthy, be nutrition wealthy

Veggies are a real treat, they make you feel sweet and petite

Give junk food the boot and switch to fruit

Fruits and Veggies are good for you body, you’ll feel like a super hottie

Be sure to eat Vegetables and Fruit and look good in your birthday suit

Apples are red, Berries are blue, Pears are sweet and they’re all good for you

Fruits are real nice so be sure to have a slice

Vegetables: They’re what’s for dinner.

Fruits and Vegetables are neat, they make you feel good from your head to your feet

Don’t be a fool, nutrition is cool

Healthy and nutritious can be delicious

Eating Vegetable and Fruits makes you Lighter and stops Slaughter

Doctor, Doctor go away, I did eat my veggies today

Junk foods, junk foods go away! Veggies, veggies come on my way!

vegetables are food for the soul.

Junkfood go away, because fruit and veg are here to stay!

have faith in good food it relaxes us in every mood.

veggies,fruits,and grains eat these everyday ,so that the diseases will be out of your way.

Carrots will improve your sight by day and night.


Here are Fruits and Vegetables slogans and sayings.

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