Nutrition Slogans

eat to live not live to eat

Eat well, Be well

Good Nutrition is our Mission

The New Tradition is Good Nutrition

It helps your heart and soul to back away from the junk food bowl

Eat 5 to stay alive

Junk Food, you must eat less, to prolong life and reduce stress

Don’t be vicious be nutritious

Nutritious and Delicious

Step Up To The Plate And Change Your Life

Nutrition: It can save your life!

Good Food Good Mood

Unlock your potential with good nutrition.

Don’t be a brat, stay away from trans fat

Get a taste for nutrition

Healthy eating for a strong heart beating

NO Junk Food: You have the Power not to Devour

Good quality fuel for the car….then why not for yourself?

Doctor Doctor, Give me the news, Is it a bad case of meat eaters’ Blues

Eat healthy, live long, live strong!

Feed em green, keep em keen

Healthy food you can’t go wrong. keeping the body lean and strong

eat the best live the rest and if you stay strong you live long

Eat well to live well

good nutrition is a start,to help children grow smart

the nutrition you trust,eating healthy foods you must

Early to bed, Early to rise keeps you healthy, wealthy, and wise

Fruits n veggies on ur table; makes ur health stable

Eat nutritious food because it makes your health so good.

what you eat is what you are

east or west nutricious food is the best

no man can grow without vegetables in bowl

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but some greasy food won’t be okay.

Lets start a new tradition to stop malnutrition.

Make the food your medicine and medicine be your food.

Seven days without vegetables makes one weak.

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