Food Safety Slogans

In the Fridge you should know, to always keep the meats below

If you are going to eat it later, keep it in the refrigerator

Wash your hands before you eat, whether its an apple or meat

Heat the food to the right degree, to make it healthy and germ free

When preparing foods keep it clean, a dirty area should not be seen

To prevent a stomach ache, hygienic precautions you should take

Shortcuts cut life short

Avoid future frustration, avoid cross contamination

Avoid cross contamination in every state and nation

Whether its peanuts or whether its cheese be aware of food allergies

Cook it with care, well done not rare

Serving safe food it’s not an option it’s an obligation.

Food quality not Food quantity

You need determination to prevent food contamination

If u try to cook your food quick, you will get sick.

If you don’t want to contaminate the meat, keep your kitchen counters neat!

practice makes me perfect

When in doubt throw it out

Keep it cool is a golden rule.

Food Safety Slogans and Sayings encourages hygiene and safety practices that help prevent contamination.

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