Advertising Slogans for Whisky 2024

- Last updated: 2024-03-09 22:59:24
The Glenlivet malt whisky brand

Advertising slogan: The Glenlivet. One place. One whisky.

Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey

Advertising slogan: Feel the Velvet.

The Macallan Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky

The Macallan. The great Single Malt.

The sweet smell of success.

Johnnie Walker


Johnnie Walker. Keep Walking.

The very finest Scotch Whisky of a great age.

If you want to impress someone, put him on your Black list.(Black label)

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson Irish Whiskey. What's the Rush?

The spirit of Ireland.

Not a drop is sold till it's seven years old.

Glenfiddich Scotch Whisky

Glenfiddich. Independently minded. Independently made.

The Independent Spirit. ( UK advertising campaign )

The Friday Scotch. ( US campaign )

Single source of inspiration.

Dewar's Scotch Whisky

Dewar's. It never varies.

They're doers.

Ballantine's whisky

Motto: Ballantine's. Play better. Play in moderation.

Canadian Club


Canadian Club. Be a Part of it.

No ordinary Whisky.

150 Countries. 1 Rye - Canadian Club.

Cutty Sark Whisky

Live a Cutty above.

Don't give up the ship.

Haig Scotch

Marketing slogan: Don't be vague. Ask for Haig.

Bell's Scotch Whisky

Advertising slogan: Afore ye go.

Chivas Regal premium blended old Scotch

Marketing slogan: This is Chivas Life.

Ardbeg  Single Islay Malt Scotch Whisky

Tagline: Ardbeg. The Islay malt that sweetly whacks you.

Whisky or whiskey is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. Various grains (which may be malted) are used for different varieties, including barley, corn, rye, and wheat.

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