End Poverty Slogans

Continue to fight to put food on someone’s plate 

Education is the only true investment to overcome poverty

Look down upon the ones over-consuming, not the poor

Discard anyone who uses the poor for their gain

Giving money to the poor will not eradicate poverty, education will

Help the poor to rise, not the ones already in power

Poverty not only kills desire but also the will to put effort

Children need to worry about their homework,  not about putting food on their own plate

Don’t provide coins to the poor, give them change instead

Empty stomachs and no roof on the head often lead to undesirable acts

To support the ones trying to become more powerful is to violate the already poor and needy

Empty stomachs are not filled by new roads or buildings

Employment generation means nothing when there is no access to education

Education is not a luxury, it is a necessity 

Clean water and sanitation shouldn’t be a dream for millions

Textbooks and kindness will change the world 

To educate the poor is the biggest threat to poverty. Start today! 

Empty stomachs want food, not political tactics

The time for outrage is now

It is the duty of a privileged person to give a helping hand 

Poverty isn’t a mere condition, but a cruel murderer 

Make your choice: underdevelopment or educated nation?

Be the change you wish to see

Literacy is truly the key to a developed nation

Poverty is the weight pulling one down from developing

Don’t just speak, act on it

Speeches won’t provide food and shelter, genuine help will

Make poverty bite the dust

Feed the ones in need 

Neglecting the problem of poverty will result in nothing

Do not make the rich ones richer

Take an initiative today 

Start with helping one poor person and pave way for the bigger changes

Stop abusing power and help the one in need

The revolution is here, where are you?

© 2022 A Collection of Slogans and Taglines