Slogans About Poverty

Educate the poor, don’t hate them

Fight poverty, not the poor

Crime begins where poverty prevails

Poverty is a curse, not the poor

Eliminate poverty with education

Don’t restrain the growth of a nation, end poverty

Unlike destiny, poverty can be defeated

Poverty is a disease which can make you hollow within

Change poverty to property with education

For a good deed, help the one in need

Aim for zero hunger

Poverty is a changeable condition, not a permanent one

Defeat poverty, not the ones cursed by it

Offer a hand today to end poverty

The most powerful weapon to end poverty is education

Poverty is removed not by sharing but by eradicating

Poverty gives rise to mass destruction

Pledge for a poverty-free nation 

Put an end to poverty

Poverty isn’t a birthright, it can always be get ridden of

The only medicine to cure poverty is education

With poverty, prevails evil

Poverty is a punishment without a crime being committed

Education promotes what poverty demotes

Equal wealth, equal rights

Poverty promotes the exploitation of the poor

Leaving people in poverty is like clipping wings of a bird

Poverty is tough but feeding someone isn’t

Unite and fight, end poverty

Poverty is a threat to development

Promote education and watch poverty fade away

A nation cannot prosper when people are still sleeping in hunger

Poverty not only takes away freedom but also childhood from a child

A child’s eyes should reflect happiness and dreams, not hunger and difficulties

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