Slogans on Child Labour

Child labour is an illegal act! 

Child labour is against nature.

Children are too small to earn money.

Let them earn knowledge, not money. 

Education is their birth rights, let them educate not earn! 

Don’t be greedy; send your children to school. 

Understand your responsibility and free your children to study. 

Let them enjoy their childhood.

Let your children play with friends and study. 

Understand the ability of children and let them do what they want to do! 

Children are very talented, never underestimate them. 

Today’s children are tomorrow’s future! 

Children are to learn, not to earn; send them to school. 

Child labour is child abuse for which you have no excuse.

Child’s hands are too small to work; they look good holding a pencil. 

Teach your neighbor to stop child labour.

Take your child’s favour and stop child labour. 

Stop child exploitation to make a healthy nation.

Parents should be cool and must send their kids to school. 

Don’t be mute, kids are cute; send them to school. 

Don’t be cruel and stop your kids to burn fuel. 

Don’t be blind towards your child, let them study. 

Children in pain can never gain. 

Force your child to hold a pencil but not to wash utensil. 

Child labour is a crime we must fight, to give our children their birth right. 

Send your kids to classes but not to wash tea glasses.

Child labour is unfair, they only needs love and care. 

Your child needs favour to stop child labour. 

Child labour is violation, you should concentrate on education. 

Understand your child’s pain and give him a chance of education to gain. 

Give your children education by fighting with child labour violation. 

Don’t let your kids to earn money, let them earn knowledge and bright future. 

We should ban child labour by giving kids our favour. 

Child labour brings illiteracy whereas child education brings literacy.

Raise your hand to get child labour banned. 

Don’t let your kids to get wage at their very little age. 

It’s time for learning, not for earning. 

Don’t let your dear to fear and get tear, let them happy and cheer. 

Childhood is for learning and adulthood is for earning. 

Send your kids to school but not to hold any tool.

Stop child labour and start child care. 

Prohibit child to go to workplace, child labour to school need replace. 

Every child deserves a better life, give him love, care, and smile. 

Kids are pillars of the nation, send them to get an education. Stop child labour! 

Never support child labour, children need your favour. 

Stop child labour and save precious children. 

Nurture the child for future, stop child labour. 

Stop child labour and protect child rights. 

Say yes to quality education against the child labour violation.

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