Slogans on Corruption in English

Corruption is not fair, oppose it always. 

Honest people become away from corruption. 

Corruption corrupts the human mind, it should never be practiced. 

Join hands together and plan to end this corruption.

Corruption is destroying us, it needs to be destroyed too. 

It’s our responsibility to remove corruption. 

Corruption is practiced by people of losing character.

A country without corruption is perfect for its citizens! 

Corruption makes the country empty from the inside. 

Corruption eats a country’s power and makes it empty. 

Just be honest and raise your voice against corruption. 

Corruption is a hidden robber, robs us all 24 hrs. 

Be the hero and fight corruption. 

Be the initiator of anti-corruption! 

Don’t be part of corruption if you really want development in the country. 

We are against corruption, Are you?

Say loudly, No to corruption. 

Be a participant in India’s against corruption. 

Build a corruption-free society in your area. 

Corruption is a crime; let it destroy before it destroys us. 

Clean India, Corruption free India! 

Corruption only affects the common man! 

Fight corruption if you want a better society! 

Don’t be part of corruption, be a part of a solution. 

Shame on fame came through corruption. 

Shame on names who corrupt the country’s fame. 

Prevent yourself from corruption!

Corruption kills a person completely from the inside. 

Your little corruption can create a big interruption to development. 

Corruption left nothing good in a person. 

End of corruption is our aim to improve the country’s fame. 

Come on! Raise your voice – you have the power to stop corruption.

People with corruption are hungry for money! 

Corruption is not good for anybody. 

Your greedy habits pull you towards corruption.

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