Mosquitoes and Malaria Awareness Slogans

Malaria, it’s not just for breakfast anymore

Protect yourself from malaria

Don’t let the malaria make you weak

Malaria protection starts from you

Kill them before they make you sick

Spray to kill

Always keep a mosquito spray handy

Fight with malaria

Beware of these mosquitoes

Beware of the bite

Bring malaria to an end

A fight to defeat malaria

Invest in future, defeat malaria

Save lives, sustain gains, invest in malaria

National malaria control day

Malaria free environment, making it an act

Achieving progress and impact

National m, malaria control program starts with our home

Keep calm and kill all those mosquitoes

Keep calm and eradicating malaria on

Stop mosquitoes, stop dengue, stop malaria

Stay smart, act early against malaria

Help us to kill all those deadly mosquitoes

Prevention is better than cure

malaria can knock you down

Malaria knocks you flat

Act early to avoid malaria

Do your test first

Don’t guess, test first

Fighting malaria and saving lives

Don’t give them the chance to breed

The patch that net hole today, it may save you from malaria

Keep your surroundings clean to avoid malaria

If they breed, you bleed

Action against malaria should start from you

Got malaria? get your tests to do first

Goodbye malaria

Mosquitoes suck

Malaria is a buzz kill

Don’t forget to put mosquito net while you sleep

Mosquito net save lives

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