Drug Prevention Slogans

It is better sometimes to neglect

Stop it before it kills you

Kick it before it kicks you

Stop it, choose a healthier tomorrow

Stop playing with your life

Remember about your family

Trying drugs will not make you a hero

Refusing is a better choice

Trying drugs is just nuts

Don’t fall in this trap

It’s a death trap, don’t fall for it

It’s not for you

It’s just not right for you

Drugs make life ruff

There are other alternatives to make you high

Life can take you higher than drugs

Stand against drugs

It will make you sick

I can’t, it makes me sick

Make the best choice, stand against it

Make the very best choice, stay away from drugs

Being high is not the only options

Drugs are like junks

Don’t fall into this death trap

Be smart, don’t start

Don’t allow your life to ruin

Don’t drug yourself down

Don’t let others influence you

There are several ways to treat yourself

Life is very precious, think about it

Don’t let drugs waste your life, it’s very precious

Be above the influence

Drugs kill you

They are like slow poison

Once you are into it, you can’t get out of it

If you need more cash, stop buying hash

Sometimes refusing saves your life

Refusing drugs is a slam dunk

Drinking is not the answer to everything

Don’t smoke weed

If you smoke weed, you make my heart bleed

It’s very easy to stay out off drugs

You will never succeed with drugs

Put it out of your life

Put it out before it puts you out

Don’t let drugs ruin your beautiful life

Your life is beautiful, choose a different alternative

Don’t do drugs, don’t be a slave to chemicals

Smoking weed is a bad deed

Doing drugs is not the answer to everything

It’s easier to stay off drugs than to get off drugs

Don’t let drugs trick you, they are not treated

I don’t have time for drugs

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