Depression Slogans

I am surviving, not living

Carry on don’t feel bad for yourself

Concentrate on solutions rather than the problem itself

Worrying takes a lot of time

Every tunnel ends with a light in front

Live life happily

Make actions and flush tensions

The sun will rise again

You’re blessed, realise it

Stress is free, I buy costly things

I want happiness but not my inner self

Not everyone has to be okay

I’m a premium member of the fear fight club

You are not alone

Even depression is curable

Talk to us before it’s too late

Keep calm and fight depression

Fight till the end

There’d always be sunshine after dark night

The fight is your’s to win

Don’t feel happy? talk to us

You are not a bad person if you are trying to kill sadness

One laugh a day keeps depression away

Don’t worry, we are here

Don’t let depression get the better of you

Don’t let depression get over you

You can do anything you want

Don’t waste your time worrying

Don’t spend life depressed anymore

Winning is all about dighting depression

Fight depression for a better world

Fight depression, clean inside

It’s not all about the outside, but inside too

Don’t survive, live your life

Hug people, who are depressed

Your smile has all the cure

Don’t fear depression

Don’t feel sad for any reason

Don’t lose yourself

help people to fight depression

It’s okay not to be okay

Always talk before it’s too late

Don’t let your hopes down, fight depression

Don’t just be happy, feel happy

Don’t feel tired, if you are sad

Break up your stress

Don’t let stress get over you

Stand up! Speak against depression

Create awareness, fight depression

You can achieve anything you want

Depression is the cruel punishment of all time

© 2022 A Collection of Slogans and Taglines