Toothbrush Taglines

For beautiful teeth

We care for your family

Great smile, every day

Custom & easy

The gentle brush for your beautiful teeth

Looking forward to a brighter tomorrow

The brush you can count on

Enjoy a sweet brushing experience

A comfortable brushing experience

For a stronger gum and teeth

Find your progression towards better oral care

Approach to love with awesome teeth

Protection of germs

Fight cavity with our toothpaste

Put your life with a smile

Put your face with a smile

Putting on each face a smile

Free your smile

Affordable toothbrush like none

Where affordability is concerned

Get your toothbrush today

For everything that matters

Get your toothbrush today

Say that with a smile!

Simply improved

Smile and keep smiling

Smile with confidence like never before

Smile, and make everyone around happy

Smiles referring to your lifestyle!

With elegance, smiles

For the teeth that matters

Brush your teeth like you mean it

For long-lasting teeth

Specialized oral hygiene

Give more to yourself, less to your dentist

We give life to smiles

We’re dealing with a plaque and bad odor

We’re not turning away 

Let’s bring the fight together

Brush your teeth like you mean it

We are looking forward to it

Become a smiling angel with us

We’re going to make you happy!

We are here to support you

Where lovely smiles continue

Where many found their smile on Carolina

Where art meets science

Wherever smiles come alive

The best toothbrush in town

Your path to a fresh smile

Your road to a brilliant new smile

Your teeth are in safe hands

Your best accessory is your smile.

It’s all about that smile

For a beautiful and better smile

Trust us, we can take care of your teeth

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