Toothbrush Slogans

For brighter teeth

The toothbrush you can count on

Quality toothbrush

Big smile starts with us

Because your smile matters

For everything that matters

Because it’s our pleasure to make you smile

With a beautiful smile

Better life begins with us

Toothbrush for everyone

Strong as the steel

Removes bad breath

Your key towards happiness

A positive experience of love

A healthy smile starts with a good toothbrush

A leading dental vision for everyone

While teeth guarantee

A justification for smiling

A smile is a curve that straightens everything

Everything on board for happy smiles

The toothbrush you can count on

A good smile makes a great impact

Be confident, use our toothbrush

As special as you are

Be proud of the smile you have

Beautiful e­xpressions of nature

Enjoy the beauty in power

The toothbrush that fights germs

Your next big weapon

East or West, our toothbrush is the best

Because it’s all worth smiling

Because the teeth feel better

Because you’re expected be happy

Enjoy better life with us

The toothbrush you can rely upon

Achieve your goal with us

Use our toothbrush, take control

Take your smile everywhere you go

Pay attention to your smile

Make the toothbrush your biggest weapon

You can count on us

East or West, smiling is always the best

It’s time to say no to dentists

No more routine checkups

Because you deserve a better care

White teeth maters

Smile with confidence

Keep smiling every single day

For germfree gums

Keep bad odor out of your mouth

For the smile that attracts others

You can do it too

Brush your teeth every day with us

Your personal toothbrush

The classic toothbrush

The toothbrush you must be using

For the greater good

Toothbrush for a better world

We reside in the heart of everyone

You mustn’t wait to tell your friends

Nutrition right, smile beautifully

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