Body Lotion Marketing slogans

Turn yourself charming.

For a radiant skin.

Make the most of you.

Magical potion bottled as a lotion.

Soothe your skin professionally.

Soft and smooth.

Your beauty companion.

Make those eyes turn towards you.

A friend indeed.

Removes blemishes perfectly.

Silky and soft in minutes.

Results that can be seen from the first use.

For a natural glow.

Highlight your beauty.

Make a lasting impression.

Precious skin. Precious you.

Let the people notice.

The latest in skincare.

Let nothing stop your glow.

It’s organic.

The exquisite skin.

Let age be just a number.

Fix your meeting with beauty today.

Tension out. Perfection in.

Praise your beauty the right way.

Make them swoon.

Enter like a show stopper.

Glamorize your skin.

Gives your skin the nutrition it needs.

Purify your skin.

Bring out the peace.

Your skin doctor.

Treatment for your skin tissues.

Get your skin ready for the outside.

Moisturize your skin.

Gift your skin a glowing experience.

As radiant as the sun!

No lotion does it better.

The skin care experts are here.

Affordable luxury for your skin.

Stay soft every day.

The rejuvenation your skin needs.

Quick therapy for your skin.

When it’s about your beauty, nothing but the best will do.

For your skin’s comfort.

Inspired by your skin.

The recipe for beauty.

Vitamins that nourish your skin.

Your skin needs nourishment too.

The gift of Mother Earth.

Make a perfect moment.

Apply your natural beauty.

Behold! Your skin has spoken!

Let your skin speak for itself.

Let joy pass through your skin.

Rejuvenate your skin cells.

Non-irritant, non-toxic love.

Embrace your beauty.

Healing head to toe.

Skin deep treatments for you.

Happy inside. Gorgeous outside.

The skin that can’t be resisted.

Celebrate your beauty.

Your body is a sanctuary. Protect it well.

Your all round protection for the skin.

Protection from pollution, dirt and heat.

Body lotions can never get better than this.

There’s a treatment for everything.

Pretty please.

Keep your sexiness alive.

Give out the positive vibes.

Enjoy your skin.

Always superior.

Purely yours.

Miss Perfect Skin.

Picture perfect. Always.

Shine your way through.

Make those spots disappear.

Be proud of your skin.

Enhance your inner beauty.

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