Columbus Day Slogans

Because it commemorates the being of America.

This Columbus Day discover your hidden talent

Because it is a traditional way to give syphilis

Glory to Columbus, Discovery to the World

Let us celebrate Columbus Day by drinking sangria,

Let us get lost and steal someone’s stuff.

It’s all about holiday

Because it’s a memorable day for American

Let us celebrate Columbus Day together

It is okay to do Genocide for a place?

It reminds me of American culture.

Abolish Columbus Day because we say no to genocide

I am here to wish everyone a happy Columbus day.

Call out a party as Columbus day is coming soon.

The American federal holiday.

Where is the party tonight? It is Columbus day…

A memorable day indeed.

Celebrate it with some drinks.

Say no to school or colleges on Columbus day

It’s our foundation day

Every Columbus day reminds the great Christopher Columbus

Let argument begins

Don’t screw my holiday

Christopher Columbus? Was he really great?

Is this day worth celebrating?

It’s a day commemorates the arrival of Mr Columbus.

Has he really discovered America?

Christopher Columbus is an arguable personality.

How can you celebrate genocide?

Whether good or bad, I enjoy my holiday.

Stop the chaos, it’s just Columbus Day.

A man like Columbus does not really deserve to be celebrated.

One of the federal holidays of America.

Waiting for it eagerly.

Waiting for Cheers!! It’s an official leave day.

Why people are so happy about it?

Do you think Columbus Day is worth celebrating? Think twice.

Not worth being a federal holiday.

Columbus day… the very day when America came into being.

Are you against Columbus day? Raise your hand?

Raise your voice, not your glass of wine.

Just can’t find any reason to celebrate it.

No more Columbus day…

Many Native Americans were tortured on this day.

The untold truth of America foundation day

Let us give it a second thought.

I am just happy because of Holiday

Let us have the Columbus Day talk.

Celebrating bloodshed since 1942

A glass of wine can make this Columbus Day fine

The cheerful day for real Americans

We are against genocide, we are against Columbus day.

Columbus day… many do hate it… I just enjoy my holiday.

I enjoy my holiday on Columbus day… do you?

Because Mr Columbus has confused the entire world.

It’s a day of global completer

He has completed the globe on the day which is called the Columbus day.

Good or bad? It’s a holiday and I’m chilling with my dad.

Columbus day is big day nationwide

Because the idea behind celebrating Columbus Day is kind of bogus

Do you think Columbus Day should be a federal holiday?

Columbus day has indeed gifted this world a beautiful new world.

Smell the fragrance of the undiscovered lands and try discovering them

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