Birthday Taglines

There’s an old saying, “old is gold.”

Why get afraid of aging just enjoy it.

Hey! you are getting better; let’s celebrate.

The older the better.

Life has just started.

Don’t worry of aging for at least you’ll be respected.

No matter how old you are, make your heart as pure as a child’s.

Make a wish, and just blow your old grudges.

The older, the experienced, the better.

You are getting smarter, let’s celebrate.

Look, you aren’t immortal, why not enjoy your mortality.

Learn more, age more, achieve more.

Time will pass on no matter what, but it’s different if you spend that time with joy.

A person like you was born on this day, let’s celebrate.

Whether you like or not, you will age, why don’t enjoy as much as you can.

Don’t spend your life thinking too much of getting older, just enjoy.

There is no other greater gift for you than my presence, wish you a very happy birthday

So grateful for your presence in this world, wishing you a birthday full of great surprises

Leave your past worries behind and buckle up for a new year ahead, happy birthday! 

There is no greater gift than the gift of life itself, wish you an amazing birthday

Aging is a piece of cake, have your share

You’re now too old to eat a birthday cake! Wishing you a very happy birthday

Sending warm birthday wishes full of love to the person who’s sweeter than the frosting

Congratulations on surviving your youth! Hope your new journey is as amazing as you are

Happy birthday to someone who’s still nifty at fifty

You still look great for your age! Happy birthday

Happy birthday to someone who’s not old but vintage

I hope you laugh so much that you don’t regret your wrinkles! Happy birthday

Hope your birthday memories make a happy cushion for your old age

There is always more to celebrate if you celebrate life every day

You might look a bit older than before but your soul remains young, here’s to wishing you a  very happy birthday 

Aging doesn’t make you lose your youth but makes you wiser

Wearing out with passing time and adventures is better than sitting back and rusting! Happy birthday

Like a fine wine, hope you keep getting better as you age! Happy birthday

Happy birthday! Here’s to nearing adult underpants

Wish you the best that life has to offer! Happy birthday

Your skin can finally have wrinkles! Happy birthday 

Keep lighting up our lives like you light your birthday cake candle today

Pray, that this year of your life is useful for others.

Aging is not what you need but how you have aged more is what matters.

This year’s birthday is a chance to prove yourself useful.

This day was one of the happiest days of your parent’s life.

Say thank you to your God and parents they will say happy birthday in return.

Find your faults and try not to repeat them this year.

More the number of birthdays you have, the more you live! 

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