Noodles Slogans and Taglines


Delicious than you imagine.

Nothing can replace its taste.

Makes your stomach feel good.

Dreamt of eating rich, it’s all packed in this.

Never mind if it’s tastier than you ever had.

Cravings can never be stopped without noodles.

Come- eat it better.

Don’t complain about its awesomeness.

Search of life starts with a cup of noodles.

No one complains about taste.

Take your stomach on a joy ride with yummy noodles

You will thank us after having them.

Eat it out.

Noodles with love.

What else can satisfy your craving?

Always good to have.

Any time – Any place, packed with full of taste.

We serve the deliciousness.

We believe in taste.

The good kind of food- Noodles

We respect your cravings

Food lovers- loves it more

For hungry people

Just have a cup

Eat well- Spend less

We love Noodles 

But first, ramen

Happiness is eating Noodles

No life without Noodles

Feed me Noodles

No matter how hungry I am- Noodles is what I want

Noodles – Great choice of life

Save and Spend on Noodles

Super bowl is all about Noodles

Can’t imagine world without Noodles

I am born to eat Noodles

You deserve Noodles today

We will Leave the Noodles on for you

Nothing works better than a Noodles

I think, therefore Noodles.

If you really want to know the deliciousness, have some Noodles

Reach for the Noodles

How Delicious! How Noodles!

Party isn’t the same without Noodles

Noodles got the Magic of taste

You too have the Noodles, like I do.

Cup of Noodles, keeps the worries away

Best Food one can get- Noodles

Nothing can replace Noodles

No one hates Noodles

Behold the deliciousness of Noodles

More Power with More Noodles

Go on, Get your Noodles now

Noodles comes first

Seriously in relationship with Noodles

The Joy of Noodles

Welcome to the Noodles gang

It’s Noodles Time

Promise her anything, but give her Noodles

There’s always space for Noodles

All you need is a Noodles and dreams

Things go better with Noodles

Nothing comes between Me and My Noodles

We are serious about Noodles

Whatever you are into, Get into Noodles

Go to work on a Noodles

Tastes Great with Noodles

Food is just Noodles to me

Born to Eat Noodles

© 2020 A Collection of Slogans and Taglines