Food Truck Marketing Slogans and Taglines

Food Trucks that are literally your favorite.

Trucks in your limited bucks.

Carries all your food safely.

You will love driving it.

Around the town all the time.

Higher mileage, Hotter food served.

Serving you with delight.

Highway, expressway it goes all the way.

Driving and Serving made easy.

Drive, Eat and Repeat.

Trusted and Driven by millions.

Tasty Food on the Go!

Speed up and catch up with the taste.

Driving hunger away.

Hungry?  Come catch our speed.

Never fails to delight.

Delicious lip smacking food now served on the go.

Fast trucks now serving fast food.

Sizzlers to Desserts we serve them all.

Here to sizzle you.

A surprising treat every time.

The truck the kids wait for.

Trendy trucks.

Jump on, its food fiesta!

These wheels going around serving food.

Restaurants?  Think again.

Driving you crazy with us.

Drive your hunger away!

Now food comes to you easily.

Bringing the new generation of food fiesta.

Break ?  You can count on us.

The next time you hit the road, look for us.

We stop only to refuel.

Besides the signal nothing stops us from serving you.

It’s all about the food.

Licensed Chefs and Drivers.

Adding spice and brakes perfectly.

Leaving no plate unturned.

Confused between us and us?

You will recommend the hotelier too.

Even the cops look for us for food.

Serving hot and non-stop.

Third wheeling but for food.

Hurry? Grab our curry.

Delivering food and happiness.

Grilled and wheeled.

We only cook when you book.

We have been looking for you.

Looking for the number plate or the plate?

Hygienic, and Tasty too!

Low on calories always!

We serve even during office hours.

Mood for Food?

Look for us at the gas stations.

Spicy, Saucy and Speedy!

The last customer gets a drop home.

Follow your dreams, follow us!

Serving the needy .

You could end up buying it all.

This runs on fuel and food.

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