Edible Oil Marketing Slogans and Taglines

To boil, use this oil.

After all the toil, use this oil.

This oil is made from the richest soil.

Hygienic, organic, and directly from the fields.

Promoting health and taste together.

Bringing you nature’s best choice.

Without this oil, those lasagnas aren’t possible.

One spoon for you and two for a family.

One oil with multiple uses.

More than the food it’s the oil that matters.

It’s both the chef and the oil that makes the food great.

If not us, then you are clearly missing out on the best!

The oil that helps maintain weight.

One oil, many delicates.

The only oil that won’t spoil you.

Losing a game is better than loosing on this oil.

You always find yourself buying this oil, the only oil.

You name it, and this oil has it.

Oil that makes food taste even better.

Dietician’s recommended oil.

The only thing you will be looking for at the grocery store.

Choosing this makes us choose you.

Once is never enough.

Oil that makes you love food even more.

One of the best oils, you might have ever tasted.

You won’t stop recommending this oil!

Directly from our kitchen to yours!

Life is healthier when you choose us.

Your frying pan loves it more.

‘YOU’ and “OIL’ has three words, co-incidence?

Oil that helps you keep excess weight off.

The oil that’s meant to enhance your taste buds.

The taste that grows on you.

Oil which won’t stop you from recommending it to others.

Oil meant to cook all your favorite dishes.

Will make you keep licking your food till the end.

Taste and Standard going hand in hand.

Oil meant for the whole world.

Choosing us makes you wise.

Specially made for your taste buds.

Oil that’s worth every penny of yours.

Good Oil, Healthy You!

Every Chef’s Favorite oil!

A little oil never did any harm.

Made to enhance your lifestyle.

Use it your heart’s content.

Available for those with great taste.

Symbol of royalty and loyalty with us.

Looks best in your kitchen cupboard.

Energizes your body and mind.

Strengthens your immune system and heart.

Makes living healthy even simpler.

Refined and filtered to meet your standard.

From our clean hands to your clean heart.

Proven to help you consume more.

Each drop is full of essential vitamins.

Try it once and recommend it twice.

Oil that won’t make you regret using one.

Compliments your weight loss diet.

Oil processed naturally for you.

The oil that’s never adulterated.

Texture so fine you will use it every day at nine.

Works better on stove.

Environment, and animal friendly.

Loved by one and all.

Oil  that can be used in any occasion.

The only oil that won’t burn you down.

Burns calories, not food.

Every drop comes with purity.

Loved and trusted by millions.

Used to help you get those dishes right.

Edible and tasty.

Perfect for all age groups.

Will help you make your fries crispier.

Because perfection is what we believe in.

Food for Thought.

Helping you love food.

For the healthy ones.

Cooking gets easier with this.

Health always first.

Suitable for one and all.

Preferred by nutritionists.

Excellent Quality Edible Oil.

Helps you cook easily.

Redefining your taste.

Oil that satisfies all your cravings.

Eat without worrying.

Fried foods now made easy to cook.

Oil for living.

Provides the right amount of nutrition.

Loving the oil and living it right.

Processed for your taste buds.

Because using oil should never be strain.

Oil straight from the ground.

Organic and Healthy.

Helps with Cholesterol.

Uplifts mood.

A spoon is enough to cook.

Live the healthy life.

Helps in easy digestion.

You live once so eat right.

A right oil can do the miracles.

Health before anything.

Perfect oil to get all your nutrients.

Not too much, nor too less.

Frying made easier.

Served with love.

Traditions secured.

Hand processed for motherly love.

Tastes like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.

Nothing better than this.

Edible and highly recommended.

Tastes best when shared.

You need to try this.

Works like magic, only on food.

Won’t make you regret.

Keep the bottle.

You will save till the last drop.

Affordable to one and all.

Feels like the right oil.

Helps you stay fit.

Keeps your health on track.

Who isn’t taking this?

For the love of food.

Helps you fuel your body.

Used only in kitchen not in gossips.

Loved by mothers all across the world.

 We make edible possible.

Break the barriers.

Giving your food the perfect taste.

You will always love it.

We make better health just for you.

Here to keep you fit.

Finally the oil that keeps your heart fit and active.

It’s ok to be full.

Why curb your diet anymore?

Just have it already.

Friendly with your heart.

Your heart and this goes hand in hand.

Available in a variety for all your needs.

The richest taste you can get.

We make it exceptionally well.

The brand that’s trusted by millions.

Processing that goes through multiple checks.

Quality that’s better than the best.

Made to give you a better food experience.

Enhances your appetite.

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