Coconut Oil Marketing Slogans

Coconut Oil can solve 80 percent of your problems

Fir that nutty coconut flavour

Spread the word, not oil!

A cooking oil with no trans-fat

The oil you can live with 

The best of coconut

We drive you coconuts

An oil that isn’t your heart’s enemy

It isn’t hard on your cholesterol

An oil with genuine health benefits

The taste of nature

Do yourself a favour by switching to coconut oil

A healthier alternative for a healthier oil

Feel happy after every meal

A taste everyone will fall in love with

Authentic oil for authentic Dishes

Switch to a healthier oil

Your mother’s and grandmother’s first choice

An oil made with love

The oil that God sent to this earth

Take care with Coconut Oil

You cannot deny how good it is

For you own wellbeing

Do yourself a favour

Your new natural cardiologist

A smell of good health

Prepared for the best possible cooking

Suited for every cuisine

Do not worry about fat anymore

Naturally healthy and tasty

Bid your doctor goodbye with Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil looks after you like your mother would

The best coconut oil available 

Bid cholesterol a happy goodbye

Cook with style

Magic in every drop

Care in the first drop and love in the second

An oil loved by all generations

A coconut oil like no other

Eat to your heart’s desire

Nothing in the world beats the goodness if the finest oil

Helping you live life to the fullest

Pamper your body

Transform your body with the richness of coconut oil

An oil that supports your gym schedule

Try it in every meal you cook

Your dishes will taste divine with coconut oil

Enhancing taste for every single bite you take

Pure, fresh and genuine coconut oil

Choose yourself the nest of oils

Just don’t cook your food. Coconut oil makes it special.

Finest grade of coconut oil

One oil, ample nutrients

You can’t get enough of it. 

A bond of love and magic 

Taste what good health tastes like

For a bigger brighter day tomorrow

An oil that will look after your kith and kin

Oil without any impurities

So good that you won’t be able to stop eating.

Our brand stands for great taste

Your health is our liability

Betcha’ can’t stop eating!

A taste so divine that you just can’t ignore

Say Hi to Omega 3 fatty acids

Your efforts will not go to waste

Leaves you wanting for more

Our coconut oil makes you cook like a pro

Keep Calm and switch to coconut oil

Coconut Oil – Your switch to a healthier future

Trigger a sense of happiness

Feel the goodness of nature

Extra virgin coconut oil

We guarantee you the purest 

The best ingredient that you have ever owned

Your mother’s favourite

You will make your own motto 

Cause the more natural the better

Your new fitness coach

Satisfy your hunger healthily by using coconut oil

Your new secret ingredient 

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