Chocolate Marketing Slogans and Taglines

Every bite filled with delightful chocolate.

An actual existence brimming with the festivity of chocolates.

Creamy chocolate that will make your day.

Have a great time every time.

A new chocolate for a new friend.

Chocolate – A Fun filled experience.

Have a great Chocolate for a great occasion.

Chocolate is best, when it comes to taste.

East or west, Chocolate is the best.

A dream so delicious!

Bring passion to your life. Gift a chocolate.

Kiss it. Lick it. Suck it. Eat it. The passion of chocolate.

Taste heaven in your mouth.

Enjoy a dark fantasy with our dark chocolate.

The goodness of milk. The richness of chocolate.

Chocolate. The original sin.

The finest cocoa in our cacao.

You definitely deserve a chocolate.

You don’t need a reason to eat a chocolate.

The new dark beauty.

Chocolate. The food for Gods.

It’s simply chocolicious!

Taste that teases your senses.

That mystic taste in each bite.

Finesse at its chocolaty best.

Cacao and milk every morning.

Rich, fun, lovely.

Caramelized chocolate and milk.

Bitter but sweet.

Dark chocolate that lights up your day.

Excite yourself.

Gift your loved one a chocolate.

A gift you will pride to gift.

Show your love.

Sharing happiness made easier.

Fruity, Nutty, Chocolaty.

Mmmmm! Simply Heavenly!

For that special moment.

Celebrate with our chocolate.

Crispy & crunchy on every side, covered in chocolate this Yuletide!

Get Choco-late for work. Offer that chocolate.

Rich, creamy fun.

Fill special. Gift yourself one.

A gift for someone you love.

Chocolate for those special moments.

A pack full of surprise.

The tongue rollin’, lip-smackin’ beauty.

Original rich chocolate.

Joy and happiness to all.

Each bite makes you happier.

Passion that never wanes.

Get lost in our chocolate covered nuts.

A chocolate that’s a sensation.

Get addicted to love and chocolates.

Respect chocolate. Expect chocolate.

The goodness of sharing a chocolate.

You are the inspiration to our chocolates.

Gift a mate our chocolate.

Enjoy eating.

Chic-chocs for chit chats.

Latte with chocolate.

Your chocolate-covered coffee.

Dark but good.

Cacao from Macao.

Wafers dipped in chocolate cream.

The chocolate spread you’ll simply love.

This season, gift a chocolate.

Thanksgiving with chocolates.

Hot chocolate to cool your appetite.

Imagine a world full of chocolates!

That feeling of silk & velvet.

A bar full of nutrition.

Eat a bar for a snack.

Graduate with our chocolate.

Doctorate of chocolate.

Fruity and chocolaty.

Chewy chocolate.

That divine taste.

Innocence disguised in chocolate.

Get to the center of that bar.

A healthy pack that’s great as a snack.

A dessert you’ll love.

Spoil yourself in chocolate.

Guilt & pleasure mixed together.

Full chocolate for full delight.

Indulge yourself.

Each block is simply good.

Chocolate that touches your soul.

Find yourself in the light.

Milky, white, pure delight.

Relive your childhood.

Taste that relives you.

Liven your life.

Stars and planets. Not just squares.

That smoothness you’ve always wanted.

Velvet in your mouth.

Each cube enriches your life.

Tummy-fillin’ light snack.

Sweet dreams are made of these.

A vice everyone loves.

Popular by choice.

One for you, the rest for me.

End your day with our bar.

Truly a vice, but sincere and nice.

When your mouth touches that tenderness.

What taste, simply creamy.

Guaranteed to become your obsession.

Sink your teeth into it.

Care for something nutty?

Hard and long but soft in your mouth.

Your mouthful of milky cream covered in chocolate.

The world loves it. You will, too.

Love & passion crafted in chocolate.

Nutty, Bicuity. Chocolaty.

Alcohol in chocolate.

Liqueur in chocolate liquor.

Caramel & chocolate.

Famed for the richness of chocolate.

Your mate on any date.

Chocolates enrichened with dates.

You’ll crave for more.

After a taste, you’ll never stop.

You’ll just come back for more.

The tenderness of our chocolates is a treasure for you to cherish.

Love at first bite.

Begin and end your day with it.

Before and after eight.

Once smitten you just can’t let go.

The nice life.

Another way to eat nuts.

Flavors beyond your imagination.

Heavy or light, dark or white, it’s just cholate, not wrong or right.

That Fulfilling taste.

Taste that lingers on.

Chocolate that will increase your yearning.

My life. My chocolate.

The goodness of dark chocolate.

A divine mouthful.

Delve deep into richness.

Lose yourself to chocolate.

Enjoy your chocolate the lighter way.

Chocolate that energizes you.

Simply ravishing.

Chocolate. Your meal between meals.

It’s always mealtime with this chocolate.

It’s simply magic.

Chocolate to revive you.

Control your cravings?

Must be your first love.

A chocolate says it all.

The best valentine’s gift.

Chocolate that is emotionally pure.

I’m just crazy for chocolates.

Each cube loaded with nuts.

No reason to eat it.

Chocolates for a soulful imagination.

Boost your creativity. Eat a chocolate.

Try keeping your hands of it!

Chocolates that make you drool always.

Our chocolates when mind goes “Nuts!”

You make my refrigerator look nicer.

An investment you will never regret.

You & your chocolate…. A great couple.

For your mouth only.

The chocolate which loves you.

Sweetness for your life.

You deserve this – the best!

Memorable moments.

Anything chocolaty makes it better.

A joyous affair.

Chocolate taste. Where the mind & soul meet.

Serious meetings are successful with chocolates.

Heaven in every bite.

That mystic feel of chocolate.

That magic word – Chocolate!

Dark or white, no bias there.

Eternal pleasure in each bite.

Spoil yourself in chocolate.

Show you dote. Share a chocolate.

Tasty, soft, lovely chocolate.

Love is always chocolaty.

Chocolate that always speaks love.

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