Cigarette Marketing Slogans and Taglines

Mild but great.

Apt at any gathering.

Feels like spring always.

Welcome to the land of the satisfying flavor.

You will like it for sure.

Taste it and you’ve already travelled to us.

Can you dare leave the taste?

The world loves it.

Your signature is always between your two fingers.

You compliment each other so well.

Let’s have a drag now!

Tag that drag.

A puff for the tough.

When the going gets tough, you really need a puff.

Go that extra mile.

Is it really a woman’s thing?

Your voice.

It tastes right, right?

Cigarettes that don’t comprise on quality.

The richness of flavor in every stick.

Recommend one always.

The brand that keeps things real.

Popularity is never compromised.

Carrying it alone makes you elite.

You’ll always like them.

Real men don’t switch brands.

Our filter says it all.

Silence shows the man.

Menthol that you can taste.

Strong, for the strong.

Time for that puff.

I have gone over.

The whole world in our scent.

Flavor meant only for your lips.

Make your lips hold me!

Dry but not draught.

Pleasure that livens things.

Good price. Good smoke.

Maximize your aura.

Good to share with friends.

Toasted to perfection.

Only the finest blend.

Tobacco that you will always love.

Smoothness was never this smooth.

Rewarded in the richness of taste and flavor.

Quality only. No compromise.

Filters you can vouch for always.

The taste itself guarantees satisfaction.

Your dream cigarettes.

Taste it. Smell it. Love it.

Small but good.

Luxury was never so hip.

When you wish to create that trend.

Freshness of Virginia.

Inhale, and more.

We are contented when you are contented.

Cigarette packs looked so ugly.

Truly a lady’s own.

Never thought cigarettes could be pretty?

Every puff a lady’s love.

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