Butter Marketing Slogans and Taglines

The better butter.

Melts in your mouth.

The taste of goodness.

Just the right level of salt.

Low on carbs. High on taste.

Fresh butter for your bread.

Keeps the fat level down.

The taste worth toasting for.

Your health is our utmost priority.

Make yourself the perfect snack.

Living the healthy life.

Taste of real butter.

Fresh from the first bite.

Keeps your cholesterol low.

Keep your hunger level down.

Melts like the breeze.

As smooth and tasty as it can get.

Have it anywhere, anytime.

Your bread never feels lonely again.

The taste of royal treat.

It’s just how the Royals have their butter.

Feast like a Royal.

If perfection had a description, this would fit it.

The delicious butter your bun needs.

Live life king size.

You can never have enough of it.

A ride to the buttery world.

Have a richer snack.

Keeps you full of health.

Tempting and fulfilling.

The love for your family and friends.

We care for your whole family.

A must have for your daily diet.

Take in the building block of life.

The nutrition a healthy body needs to stay healthy.

Give yourself the power of protein.

The recipe for a great life.

Brand that’s buttering the whole world.

We don’t need to butter you, do we?

Butter that slides into your diet.

Let it take your health in charge.

Building your immunity.

For conscious living.

Superb in every sense.

Made by dairy experts.

Churned out of love.

It’s the love and care we give.

A result of finest quality checks in process.

Only the best reach your plate.

Crunchy peanut butter to give you that extra taste.

Make your family stronger today. 

The smoothness you can’t deny.

The butter even children love.

The best dishes stay empty without it.

Keeping the tradition alive.

Made by the best.

We understand the right processes.

Your favorite butter brand now near you.

The sweetest part of every dish.

A treat you can’t stop craving for.

Nothing else will do.

Adding taste to your food.

Turns anything delicious.

Brings back your appetite.

Taste of nostalgia.

Live the moments.

Carrying the rich heritage forward.

Producing the same rich taste since generations.

Your therapy for happiness.

Peanut butter for life.

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