Slogans on Tree Plantation

Tree plantation rocks!

Plant in plenty

One two three, let’s plant a tree.

Plant trees, be oxygenated.

Each one, Plant one.

Plant for the planet.

Plant Trees, Not Bombs.

Think Green and Plant something

The best time to plant a tree is now.

Let the green be seen!

A plant a day keeps the floods away.

Plant a tree a day and keep soil erosion away.

Plant trees, reduce carbon footprints.

Be wise, Let the greenery rise!

Plant a tree, and get oxygen for free.

Plant a tree, make our earth risk free

If you cut a tree, you kill a life. If you save a tree, you save a life. But if you plant a tree, you plant a life.

Let’s plant trees and grow flowers; to give mother earth back her powers.

If we want to regularize seasonal changes, Plant trees to reduce environmental challenges

Plant a tree and see it grow; so you can enjoy the cool breeze flow.

In planting trees if you take pain, there will be more oxygen and abundant rain.

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